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Issue #228, Marshall Mesa, November 13, 2022, haiku by Jonathan Machen, Sara Benson and Patrick Lynn.

Mighty cottonwood
Blackened from the Marshall fire
Trunk peeled open

Erosion and fire
Scars that denude the landscape
Calm November day

Three-thirteen p.m.
On November the thirteenth
Walking through burnt trees

Almost caramelized
Spidery burnt black branches
Mountain bikers pass

Close to the ground
The earth tones of winter
Give way to purples and reds

Years later the
Fire raged through this old stone house
Remnants standing strong

Up on the hilltop
Remnants of an old stone house
A great man was born here

Up close with the weeds
Briars and broken branches
This windswept mesa

My phone is dead
So I'll just have to
Enjoy the pale purple grass

Perfect timing
Each step sends
A cloud of seeds floating

Deer-flattened grass
Silver-green in the last
Light of a late fall day

That Rolling Stones song
Mixing with the traffic noise
Ear worms in my mind

Last time I was here
Feeling quite messed up
Now I'm pretty good

solo/group kukai
jonathan machen