welcome to the haikutimes

Issue #121, Boulder foothills and Guinn Mountain, December 2-9, 2005. Two members of the Boulder Haiku group track Mt. Sanitas for a 17-minute haiku walk. Also in this issue: haiku and photos from a chilly ski trip in Roosevelt National Forest, above Eldora Ski Resort. Haiku by Sanjay Rajan, Jonathan Machen and Michael Conti.

we think 17 haikus
in 17 minutes

jesus christ
marked on mt. sanitas
some bird poop

frosty cactus
and brittle grass
under each step

yucca leaves
beaded with
last nite's snow

over small patch of ground
seventeen minutes

emotions curl
like smoke
in december chill

discussing future
on sunny trail
they stare at their feet

flitting in
and out of clouds
haiku moment

startin fresh
yet again. better
fresh than dull

in frozen crumple
outside car door

touchin smooth
the water drip
this one's frozen

amid the homeless
cold frozen morning

spacious cold air
we pause in forest
bird chirps, wind

frozen stillness -
the water in
my drinking tube

blue triangles
lead me in one direction
i know not where

my fingers numb
blurring whirr in ears
sound of sap snapping

tempest of snowballs
hurtled from tree to tree
winter wind storm

solo/group kukai
jonathan machen