welcome to the haikutimes

Issue #23 Community Gardens, Boulder, Colorado, April 13, 2002. Haiku: Susan Peterson, Krista Morien, Patrick Lynn, Sara Benson, Jonathan Machen, Sanjay Rajan, Robert Power. Photos and layout: Jonathan.

first spring butterfly
heads off across the meadow
towards the chainsaw

the perfect garden plot
its owner missing all of this
spring comraderie

fences become art
dividng more than gardens
on the shared land

getting a headstart
while gardeners prepare the soil
flourishing wild plants

warm spring afternoon
an eager, young doberman
vomits in the path

black plastic
turning last years leaves
into compost for the next

bending down to see
the ladybug - it disappears
into the grass

brand new rhubarb leaf
unfurling in the spring soil
a hoe lies nearby

amazing tamales
hits the spot
first for this season

the sounds of spanish
and english interweave
through the garden plots

shared soil and water
conversation and birdsong
make community

it is this unfamiliar
place that is my garden
Im coming to know

leftover lettuce
still looks good enough for salad
after the long winter

bedroom flipflops
walk gingerly
soaking spring sun

too busy talking
to the gardeners to write
any haiku today

after the siamese
wanders on, the image of
her blue eyes remains

i am sorry
but gardening plots
can look like burial spots

each plot reflecting
the gardeners temperament
and menu preference

overgrown plot
at the community garden
laughing yellow daffodils

mountains of manure
at the edge of the gardens
fragrance of promise

the promise of spring
emanating with the scent
of a young onion

yellow stickies
holding my haikus
little is all we need

trying to catch up
to the heat of the spring day
newly planted seeds

six legs and orange wings
keeping me company
on the tan page

each garden is a
reflection of its owners

this pink flamingo
an unsuitable scarecrow
for the hungry deer

among the gardeners
one by one my friends emerge
watching others work

long blade of dead grass
dangling from the sparrows beak
wobbles in the wind

yellow bucket
holding compost for
her garden greens

solo/group kukai
jonathan machen