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Issue #195, Epic Road Trip, June 17, 2018: Florida, Jonathan Dickenson State Park

June 17, 2018

Spent most of yesterday feeling miserable and achy. I still had a temperature of 100.6 in the morning and 102 in the evening. I did muster up enough energy to go with the family on a ‘river boat tour’ on the Loxahatchee River to see ‘Trapper John’s encampment’, a guy who created a refuge next to the river in the 1930’s and trapped wild animals and entertained guests who would come to visit him.

The river is only one of two wild and scenic rivers in Florida; it’s not very long, but does contain an important ecosystem, and there are Mangrove trees lining the banks that seem really healthy. The tour of the site was cool - although we didn’t see any alligators - and I had just enough energy to come back to the Cricket and try and sleep. Paige kept the kids occupied for as long as she could, taking them to the visitor’s center, where they could learn more about the area, but it wasn’t long before they were back at camp, seeking the refuge of the air conditioner.

Loxahatchee Queen
motors through brackish waters
fish jump for insects

he trapped and killed snakes
and wrestled alligators:
wild man of the swamp

solo/group kukai
jonathan machen