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Issue #205, Epic Road Trip, June 27, 2018, Williamsburg, Virgina

June 27, 2018 Sitting outside, batting little gnats, here at the Williamsburg KOA. I had a bit of a rough night feeling uncomfortable and slightly sore with ears ringing, as usual. The ear-ringing was terrible all day yesterday, actually, and today the cloudy skies seem to be producing a similar effect.

We got here around 2pm, right before suffering a blow-out of our left rear tire as we were barreling down the highway, minutes away from the KOA.

The roads have been very bad in Virginia, and especially bad this last stretch; but what I think got the tire was a nail ore a screw since I found a hole in the outer surface.

The tire pretty much exploded and there was a loud rushing noise and increased drag on the car. I thought something might have happened to the Cricket - so I pulled over to the side of the road and we immediately assessed what had happened, got the kids to sit on the bank away from all the rushing cars on the road (although Orion was dismayed that he could not come and troubleshoot) and started taking everything out of the back to get the spare tire and jack out - as well as disconnecting the trailer so we could jack the Volvo up.

Just as we had removed the burst tire and put on the spare, a Virginia road transportation crew (Virginia DOT safety service) came by to see what was up - they helped us by putting cones out and then filling up our spare tire to the proper level (it was about 20 psi too low).

virginia highway
explosion of our left rear tire
grinds us to a halt

DOT road crew
stops and fills up our spare
virginia kindness

Incredibly, we were only about a mile from the KOA, so we drove here first, got the trailer set up, and then I called around to figure out where we could get a replacement tire. The first place I contacted would only order one with a delivery the next day, so then I tried discount tire, who had one in stock, and could apply a pro-rated warranty to the tire, as we bought then through Discount Tire in Boulder.

I drove down to Williamsburg (using my faulty map app, unfortunately, which only works in fits and starts, so by the tine I tried to return to camp I actually got a little lost). I decided to get a warranty for the rest of the tires as sell, so I ended up spending $90 instead of $14, but now any more bursts or tire damage will be covered.

I felt really tired upon my return - the kids like this campground, more or less, as it has a pool and a snack bar and some playground equipment. So that’s how we filled our evening up - I took a short nap; Paige made a yummy dinner and afterwards I sat with the kids at the pool while they swam.

I am looking forward to touring Williamsburg though I am feeling slightly overwhelmed as well as a little depressed. the news has been terrible, with Trump’s immigration policies separating families at the border, and the supreme court backing him in his broad and discriminatory travel ban, with a conservative court now opposing progressive values.

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