welcome to the haikutimes

Issue #159, Fossil Ridge Wilderness, August 2011. Photos and drawings by Jonathan Machen, additional haiku by Michael Conti.

little mushroom cap
i wrinkle my eyes
at the sun

feeling naked
the brown puddle reflecting
the morning's rainstorm

coral mushroom sucking
abundant moisture
earth like a sponge

milky way at night
gives way to wet deluge
cozy in the tent

wet forest
steaming logs
morning sunshine

the gear we bring
strewn across the rocks
looking out of place

pale columbine
in social clumps

lichen covering
cryptobiotic dirt nodules
pale grey bubbles

flight path
over wilderness
five times a day

plaintive squeak-'EEK'
of pica amongst scree
sky turns grey, leaden

like lichen on lichen
earth ecosystem

where there's
two elk
there's more (michael)

with blazing color
to rocky cliffside

mossy bench
vibrant terraced ledges
green-eyed flies; bees

once in full bloom
no more (michael)

mountain goats
leave pock-marked holes in snow,
tufts of fur on rocks

jumping spiders
upset by ravens
act the same with us

butterflies mating
over fossils - ancient
dance, play of life

six goats
on ridge below
elk above a pond

eagle feather
still aerodynamic
on granite lichen

the cloud-timer
times the passage of the sun
for waiting camera

spongy vermillion
alpine garden

of lichen, mosses
molds, fungi

asleep on the hill
you and me
it's green (michael)

orange flame
tickles formerly wet
and soggy log

cast-iron stove
with design of a fern
near rusted bed springs

with misquotes
campfire smoke repels

eleven-hour hike
up and down vertical
like we used to do

the rare gentian
two colorful cousins
on the same slope

defunct silver mine
tracks for the ore
hanging in space

mosquitoes fly high
real high
continental divide (michael)

no fear of heights
on vertical limestone

ant hefting fly
hefting backpack

with heavy heart
feet descent
another trip (michael)

nothing more to savor
than being in the
middle of a deep forest

hand-sized mushroom
lie like plates
along the trail (michael)

solo/group kukai
jonathan machen