welcome to the haikutimes

Issue #74, Night-Ku, October 17, 2003, Boulder, Colorado. Haiku Staff writers Patrick Lynn, Sanjay Rajan, Susan Peterson and Jonathan Machen bring you breaking news from a neighborhood in north Boulder during a mild October evening.

strange eery feeling
a house remade victorian
goddess in the yard

starlit autumn walk
the air suddenly turns warm
and then cool again

an unexpected patch of warmth
then autumn cool again

so what

seen from the street
a quiet, carefully arranged den
my home before the divorce

neighbor's tv
still on, i peek into
their lives

emotional fall night
a red light blinks on the dash
of the convertible

thinking of sex
all the time
hey! don't we all

a solid fire hydrant
waits out the night
dead leaves scattered around it

city crickets sound
just like country crickets
only there's less of them

multitude of stars
one must look up to see them
avoiding distractions

city candidates'
streetsigns illuminated
in halogen glow

still on
neighbor's nightlamp
oh! so tacky

high school kid
comes home late in an old car
sits in the darkness

in a sleeping neighborhood
cars ticking as they cool

glowing from the street
a house witout art or curtains
just a 30" tv

mild october night
parents retrieve their children
from the rec center

evening walk
dog in tow
first haiku in long time

haiku voyeur
looks for poetic action
through evening windows

frenzy to leave
boulder rec center
traffic light turns green

paying attention
the rhythmic sound of crickets
lulls me back to sleep

orange pumpkin lights
ghosts hanging from porch rails
suburban treat

solo/group kukai
jonathan machen