welcome to the haikutimes

Issue #32 Gates of Lodore June 28 -July 4, 2002. Haiku: Jonathan Machen, Bodhi Vardan, Laura Brown, Pete Betters, Connor Stuller Photographs: Jonathan Machen

the blue heron watches
following as we pass
it tucks heron foot

saying a prayer
for the beauty of plastic
and that of rubber

sun shadow, black and red
rock walls loom
massive overhead

tamarisk waving
in the hot dry canyon wind
boats go floating by

avocado slime
the life of a river cook
who prepares salad

shore grasses rippling
wind dances all things that bend
day starts with a roar

waxing moon descends
behind red sandstone cliffs
as the sun comes out

ashes on my tent
white dandruff from distant fires
borne on summer winds

adrenalin buzz
before running hell's half mile
prepares me little

ben suddenly struck
with haiku paralysis
at the confluence

sitting in the creek
then standing up, one by one:
explosive shower

"last call for groover"
familiar beach refrainyou
have to be fast

fourth of july flag
with one stripe, double the size
could be a mutant

we float past driftwood
evidence of high water
from earlier years

new yampa driftwood
meets the green at confluence
silent float, birds sing

i found a feather
on the way to the groover
the groover had flies

evil tamarisk
unwittingly introduced
sucking up water

disaster falls
a disaster for the rafts
who get stuck on the rocks

still water ahead
my paddle enters, slicing
low, the boat glides forth

i went on a trip
my group paddled twelve long miles
i am very tired

vardan's hot glasses
"how do those stay on your face"?
they all want to know

low flow on the green
shallow stream in a year of drought
we float slowly on

bisecting our path,
butterfly with yellow wings
heads toward the far shore

supported by rafts,
traveling miles down the river
kayakers' blessing

canadian geese
wait 'til the kayakers play
to be on their way

stars obscured by smoke
ashes illuminated
by my bright headlamp

sheep eating milkweed
at lower disaster falls
don't care for rapids

silver s.u.v.
pulls up to us, door opens,
guy inside barfs

no see-um's and gnats
attack us at the put-in
while we load the boats

osprey flies above
while coyotes walk the shore
the last day of june

syncline, anticline?
too bad that i am inclined
not to remember

solo/group kukai
jonathan machen