welcome to the haikutimes

Issue #33 Eben G. Fine Park, Boulder, Colorado, July 20, 2002. Haiku: Sanjay Rajan, Krista Morien, Sara Benson, Susan Peterson, Jonathan Machen, Patrick Lynn Photos and layout: Jonathan Machen

unable to hide
inner-tube disappointment
ass scrapes on rocks

my tears disappear
among river stones, grinding
this grief smooth

circling in the creek
my eyes on the blurry rocks
acting out my life

on the swingset
not until i close my eyes
does the world slow down

carrying a rock
nearly as big as she is
the little girl grunts

i am part of this earth:
choking smoke of the wild fire,
cool stream on my skin

warm summer evening
lying on the floor talking
to the ceiling fan

clutching on their notepads
haiku poets wander off
like a herd of cats

how do two people
stay with each other for a
long, long, long, long time?

cool rocks against my
palm on this hot, hot, hot, hot
hot, hot, hot, hot, day

under wooden bridge
haiku poets congregate
rollerboards rumble

hot summer, wet dog
river walkers plunge in pools
small boy nearly drowns

smoke elsewhere
while we all enjoy
the mountain stream

the water shimmers
reflected on sara's neck
like a string of gems

with the threat of
nuclear war and the rampant fires
i sit by the creek

down the drain
who has the switch?

not really, kid
in black trunks

by the creek water
golden retriever

brown trout finds refuge
in diminishing waters
creek people subdued

hanging on to this tree
nothing but the two of us
and last night's roaring flames

from a tiny pool
in this barely running creekbed
a wasp takes a few sips

fire danger everywhere:
good to stand on the roots
of this ancient tree

solo/group kukai
jonathan machen