welcome to the haikutimes

Issue #154, Mt. Sanitas, Boulder. Haiku by: Sara Benson, Krista Morien, Susan Evans, Sanjay Rajan, David Harper, Patrick Lynn, Jonathan Machen, with virtual haiku from Ana Lamarque, Amanda Morris Johnson and Suzanne Arthur. Photographs by Jonathan.


wet and delicious
yet some would describe this day
as sad and soggy

after all had finally
gathered - bubbling of

water drops..
on pine needles
..sweet licks

in a warm car
a rainy hour seemed crazy
now wet, i long for more

spring snow..
in slush
..paw prints

evergreen fingers
beads of rain
at the tips

new boots
warm and dry
not nearly as comforting
as the old ones

at the tip of each
pine needle, a sky-colored
drop of melted snow

spring snow
teardrops line up on a
willow branch

pants loose..
sense on it's edge
..my crack

sticky chewy sweet
deliciousness of last years
rose hips

late winter snow storm
obscures the hospital where
my old friend died friday

cloudy light
brilliant reflection in
half-frozen droplets of water

wet fox smell
curious unseen eyes
through the raindrops

absolutely silent
until it hits our world
gentle spring snow

they're here to celebrate
and a little spring snow
doesn't dampen their spirits

soil red
..rain springs

new growth..
on each tree
…water drops

grateful for these friends
who seem the same 10 years past
weird, true and gritty

portable roof
each snowflake sharp and bright
on my raincoat

wet spring earth
all of the soil's breathing holes
in sharp relief

neon yellow lichen
looks ready to sprout legs
on this moist afternoon

in this silence
..foot loose

chimney smoke
wool socks, rosy cheeks
pinewood scent

fresh tracks
i am here
warm pockets

snowflakes raining down
on dry grasses and warm soil
colorado spring

hour lost..
to something elsewhere
..cricket fever

dry fennel..
beauty on its tips
..water drops

through ambivalence
thick with fog and warm comforts
my friend's voice pulls me

to a new parent
quiet is like an ocean
waves of peace abide

by my haiku moment
..magpie shrieks

green shoots
see their fate
in brown stalks

for those walking alone
our voices ebb and flow
human symphony

matted grass
persistent winter
and fresh snow

young kids yelling,
"it's the best birthday ever",
tromp the muddy path

weekly news..
in its trash
..my haikus

nobody here
but us haiku poets
and soggy lichen

on another hillside
time to rejoice

chirping junkos flit
in triplet down the trail
as i walk towards them

distant steps..
i hear mindful
..a haiku poet

fanny pack sliding
down my hips feels like
heavily loaded diaper

wet dog at my feet
he remembers my scent
a pungent friendship

even my mind
is slowly being erased
by this spring snow

neon green
lichen branches
pinecone disco

now that i've finally
found my friends i can escape
into solitude


skiing on a rink of ice
then feathery snow
relief or delight? - ana lamarque

spring battled today
hobbled to a win with sleet,
rain-slicked tiles and streets - amanda morris johnson

grays curled up faster
than the original browns
hot-iron straight lost - amanda morris johnson

aerated lawns breathe
nubs of soil look like dog poop
prepaid greenery - amanda morris johnson

toes cold as winter
but thin cotton socks and soaked
leather belie spring - amanda morris johnson

Kids toss a football
in the street
below the graveyard - suzanne arthur

Rainy afternoon
Riverside cemetery
is empty above the ground - suzanne arthur

Gravestone boasts family names
and "Our motto: Work"
Too bad. Look where it got them. - suzanne arthur

solo/group kukai
jonathan machen