welcome to the haikutimes

Issue #163, September 2, 2015, Table Mountain, Golden. Haiku by Susan Evans, Sara Benson, Patrick Lynn, Jonathan Machen.

i see the old man’s
face contemplating under
the rock’s surface

ribbons of rain
twist of lightning in the sky
flash of awareness

wild rhizomes and
thrumming chirpers climb
into my brain’s suitcase

everything is loud
all things are muted
watch and listen

hunkered down in
a sand plum thicket
rain drops knock blossoms
onto my head

volunteer ranger
with double-barreled knee brace
warning us of snakes

invisible chirpers
oblivious to the spring shower
mock me and my rain jacket

mind, grasping for
what this precipice is
on which I am standing

dribbling out a weak
stream of urine is merely an
excuse to smell the wild roses

noisy and quiet
movement and stillness
walking with haiku

cicadas chirping
gravel crunching underfoot
Wal-mart truck goes by

after the rain
my feet and thoughts
land silently

mullien and primrose
green and pink shades of spring
in this rough quarry

taking a walk
with a haiku mind
is like coloring a sheet
of paper before you draw on it

in the grey rain
yellow of sedum
strikes out boldly

across the meadow
new shoots wrap promiscuously
around last year’s dead stalks

bright velvety green
bursts forth from the branches
by rusted rock cliffs

wandering amid sweet
blossomy pollen clouds and
ozone, rain-steaming-off-rock-smells

in this tiny book
seventeen syllables are
enough for one page

perched among raindrops
drama of clouds unfolding
high above my head

this place is lousy
with clear-eyed robins
bending slender branches
with the weight of their
plump, red breasts

all the sounds are the
over-riding sensation
on my haiku walks

solo/group kukai
jonathan machen