welcome to the haikutimes

Issue #129, Meadow Park, Lyons, Colorado, August 13, 2006. Haiku contributors: Susan Peterson, Krista Morien, Robert Power, Patrick Lynn and Jonathan Machen. Photos and drawings by Jonathan except where noted.

slowing down
in each patch of shade

florescent bath suits
emit peals and squeals of delight
creek, rubber tubes, sun

red sandstone
leading me triumphantly
to no climbing sign

my dog on a leash
my haiku book folded shut
when shall it open?

sunday morning
as they approach the first rapids
tubers grimace

coming down the creek
wizened old skinny stickman
with a scraggly bark beard

greetings! dogs sniff
each others' butts, tom and susan
settle for a hug

for every level
of adventurer
the stream has a plan

scout cries when she sees
one of our pack walking by
i think of dublin

fat kid with a fake tattoo
floats by in a
glistening black rubber donut

spanish speaking kids
scared but curious of the dog
south of the border they bite!

not a leaf flowing
instead, battered by strong currents
i have been a rock

cheerful tubers
floating past
minnow, belly-up

sunlight and water
water and rock
rock and body

clear plastic bottle
lodged amongst red sandstone
must be number two

laden with picnic supplies
each family walks carefully around
the guy lying in the field

shedding my concerns
melting into the shadow
of river canyon

as if willow roots
not enough for thirsty plant
leaves dipping surface

tall dusty red cliffs
cool creek, slight breeze, light through leaves
sleep behind the eyes

wasp turns yellow
when it flies out of the shade
then slowly sinks to nothing

men head out alone
women stay, sharing together
the need for solitude

beyond the red-tailed hawk
the pleistocene age of clouds
carries on silently

i hear slivers
of tubing excitement
from windy ridge top

the cool clover
washes over my bare feet
bringing be home

try stopping it
the river keeps on flowing
over rough or smooth

sagging chicken wire
over that part of the river
"private property"

dog owners
leash in one hand
plastic bag in the other

not too attached
with this or that rock
my feet lead the way

hot grass smells
send me back for another summer
on my grandparents' farm

no trespassing signs
on each side of the river
freedom swiftly flows

bulging beer bellies
get a chance to float, tubing
down the river

solo/group kukai
jonathan machen