welcome to the haikutimes

Issue #26 Kinetics Race, Boulder, Colorado May 4, 2002. Haiku: Jonathan Machen, Sara Benson. Photographs by Jonathan.

the crowd is crazy
for this boulder ritual
spring clouds overhead

this is just
one big excuse
for a drunken party

thousands of people
heading for the reservoir:
kinetic frenzy

the lonely faces
of people looking for
something to attach to

big-busted women
accompanied by boys
with rings in their noses

the incredible
people watching is what
is entertaining

that grand piano
way out in front of the rest
the others flounder

most people highly attuned
to what they look like
others could give a shit

the puppet masters
followed the grand piano,
which followed the bug

quickly changing into shorts
behind one car, while someone
pees behind another one

is a controlled exercise
at the kinetics

i think the word fuck
is the most commonly used word
at this event

how many people
are waiting in line for beer?
too bad its bud

the amount of sexual energy
pervading the atmosphere
is big

another navel
punctured by a tirquoise ring
grabs my attention

they bring the beer in
three kegs to an a.t.v.
the crowd cheers them on

beer, bathing suits and cell phones
sets the stage for this
preposterous event

under blue sky mine
this band from australia
sings out its anthem

caught at the crossroads,
he passionately sings out,
whos gonna save me?

his message is clear:
we should protest the transport
of nuclear waste

pedalling and pedalling
across the resivoir
going nowhere fast

solo/group kukai
jonathan machen