welcome to the haikutimes

Issue #9 Pearl St. Mall, Boulder, Colorado August 27, 2001 featuring: Patrick Lynn, Jonathan Machen, Sanjay Rajan, Susan Peterson, Krista Morien, Robert Power, Hal Gimpleson photos and layout: Jonathan Machen

asian businessmen
wait outside the sushi bar
hands deep in pockets

his oblong forehead
quite a contrast to her own
circular visage

gathering a crowd,
he treats his body like gum
stretching for applause

above this brightly
lit street, the full moon holds
a quieter light

rockin live music
performers like fly paper
folks stuck on the mall

now friends
after mistaken identity
perhaps lovers?

in a gallery
scenes i know of victor
one thousand dollars

my sandals
worn and beaten with
passing summer

searching the mall
between all kinds of art
for a new pen

that same chick
still walking the mall
cell stuck to ear

one man grabs his chin
the other rocks back on his heels
both of them laughing

very inviting
this summer evening
her perked up breasts

writing in the dark
invisible haiku poet
visible to the trees

no one notices
the nights darkness which begins
just above their heads

walking after dark
part of me secretly
joins the street people

the sundown saloon
quiet but for the photos
of endless parties

after the show
when no one is looking
contortionist slumps on the curb

each year a new book
on buddhist non-attachment
wheres my plastic

walking upstream
im alone

a hit of hash
sensory overload
pearl street mall

the contortionist:
just another way of making
his body disappear?

outside banana republic
taking his sweet time
jazz takes a pee

that dude in shades
walking this summer night
thinks hes so cool

i can smell the wax
even through this pane of glass
store full of candles

are they outa body
or maybe did they walk in
borrowing bodies

solo/group kukai
jonathan machen