welcome to the haikutimes

Issue #34, RockyGrass Bluegrass festival, Lyons, Clorado. July 26-27, 2002. Haiku and photographs by Jonathan.

atmosphere is thick
with multiple bluegrass bands
dobro player smiles

come mostly to festivate
at the festival

bowing her fiddle
like a foghorn train whistle
comin' round the stage

many microphones
arrayed to capture the sound
for a future time

black with no wrinkles
her long sari hugs her hips
and my attention

almost beer o'clock
says the announcer as he
points to the seniors

what we celebrate:
songs about unwed mothers
and broken miners

bela and chris thile
improvising for an hour
will they never stop?

bela sounds like a
petrodactyl bumblebee
in a methane swamp

transcending the song
they opt for random jamming
quickly shifting moods

to really settle
and listen to the music
is quite difficult

he plays 'salty dog'
while thinking about the prize
(at least i think so)

slightly out of tune
under evening monsoon clouds
hot day in july

more fascinated
with the picture i just took
than with the real thing

people so obsessed
with getting the perfect seat
stay in line all night

the extra-fast beat
a parody of itself
in old san antone

truly frolicking
all those crazy children
by the riverbank

he sings, 'boo hoo hoo',
that he just wasn't perfect
but neither was she

how far can i walk
down the river and still hear
bluegrass music?

cherubic infant
completely adorable
with a string of drool

let's horn a doobie
i overhear buck buckner
saying to a friend

solo/group kukai
jonathan machen