welcome to the haikutimes

Issue #145, San Francisco, California, July 30, 2008. Photos and Haiku by Jonathan Machen. To see more photos from San Francisco (and a lot of family photos from our vacation there) click here.

bemused by bicycles
seagulls perch
on crumbling pier

perfect for sailboats
brisk bay breeze on july day
clouds obscure prison

crosses dot hillside
with 4122 in bold
perhaps dead in war?

unfamiliar bike
my transport for a day
on steep city streets

bay clouds move quickly
at juncture of sea and land,
shrouding bridge in mist

on close inspection
golden gate bridge actually
a deep shade of red

beaches with bunkers
views reinforced with concrete
turret guns long gone

concrete and steel
unimaginable weight
fading into the mist

albedo freeway
six lanes of mirrors and glass
reflecting the haze

wrong freeway exit
bay area adventure
off to stressful start

temporary tomb
for cars minus commuters:
parking garage full

clearly discerning
the rhythm of his rap
through concealed headphones

gay pride poster
suggesting all is well
with same-sex adoptions

tourists on rental bikes,
chattering homeless on a beater
the wharf attracts them all

haight ashbury trash
district living in the past
anger in the air

haight bus stop shelters
homeless guy smoking something
muttering, he turns his back

sitting glumly
with rust-colored knit cap
while tourists pass by

joining the river
of commuters - trains,
auto streams combine

japanese garden
where i posed for a picture
twenty years ago

Stephen Shankland in his CNET office

solo/group kukai
jonathan machen