welcome to the haikutimes

Issue #149, Eating Recovery Center Photo + Haiku collection. Photos by Jonathan, and haiku from the haiku group over the past decade. Produced by Susan Coppage Evans and Jonathan Machen, 2008. Go here to see some the photos at the Center's grand opening: and here to see the website of the Eating Recovery Center.

my tears disappear
among river stones, grinding
this grief smooth

it's always a time
of deep rest, knowing my friends
are waiting for me

letting go of need -
the sun graciously shines
and i drink it in

nature silence
offers space to crowded thoughts
and random bird calls

silent vitality
each day more purple flowers
in our own backyard

he said it was love
that took him on the journey
-not a bad reason

moments of my life -
sunlit hilltops, shadowy canyons,
infinite mountains

the snap of a twig
leaves crunch, thoughts evaporate
senses awake; haiku

it's this unfamiliar
place that is my garden
i'm coming to know

brought back gradually
by rock and bark textures
the sound of water

speaking what's inside
our words land and rest among
the old pine needles

basking in the sun
listening for haiku poems
to come to me

lost in the woods now
thankful for the diversion
from thoughts and purpose

under my two feet
maybe as many sand grains
as stars in the sky

there's a secret place
a silence..beyond stillness
ancient journey's end

i feel so lucky
every moment a blessing
of friends and nature

gentle, diffuse light
illuminates pink granite
and distant laughter

once again
indiscriminately happy
sitting in the sun

on the trail with friends
each of us glad to have left
our heavy stuff behind

barely visible
boddhisattva of wisdom
takes but a moment

her voice soaring
above the falling snow
lighthearted and free

this frozen silence
the magic play of sunlight
on new-fallen snow

inhaling the view
from hilltop to horizon

looking at mountains
feeling the earth beneath me
i sense my place

my back against
the canyon wall, i fall into
the slumber of stones

solo/group kukai
jonathan machen