welcome to the haikutimes

Issue #164 September 24, 2015, Bachelor Party, Longmont and Ft. Collins, Colorado. Haiku and photographs (and drawing) by Jon

roller derby tie
at boulder county fairgrounds
red shorts on black tights

ear-splitting whistles
a passel of referees
videographer dances above

experienced coach
sits next to us
explaining roller derby

offering alcohol
and spirited liquors
11:30 am

more tattoos here
blue ink biceps
women hit women

Late summer evening
Broken air conditioner
Sweating towards cashier

Disgruntled diners
Sip watery margarita
Pirates take mad plunge

Due to distraction
Of our multiple tables
Forget to make toast

Chili rellenos
With solidified cheeses
I watch the torches

pink morning glories
cast shadow on condo
eight men moving in

shoes dangle on the line
sleepy wasps in planter box
huge hidden pumpkin

beer-soaked dinner
interrupted by sobbing
somewhere down the hall

j gels band and rush
random radio station
guys showing their age

in lederhosen
and tall white socks with black stripes
he sips beer

B-52 Blowout tournament
10th mountain roller dolls
Miss Hell on Wheels
BC bombers

letting go
of the pot with no handle
as she moves in

cutting through my dreams
trains roll through pre-dawn stillness

for just a few hours
it’s a bachelor man-cave
we all sip whiskey

spooky apartment
no signs of life
except for sobbing girl

solo/group kukai
jonathan machen