welcome to the haikutimes

Issue #157, Chautauqua, Boulder, January 30, 2011. Haiku by: Jonathan Machen, Patrick Lynn, Sanjay Rajan, Sara Benson, Susan Evans.

rest inconsequential

you can sink your teeth into
weather, not geology

sweet trail chatter
non-stop fantasy
the joy of childhood

no satisfaction
of sleep after
keith richard's biography

wandering through weeds
reminded that form follows function
warm winter day

my friend jonathan
now a father of two children
still writing haiku

ribbon of road
trampled into submission
by people and dogs

sharp rock jutting
into my crack - better find
another place to sit

there - sitting quietly
in the place i wanted to
sit quietly

january thaw
occasional chirps
hint at coming spring

reaching into my
soft pocket and feeling a
rose quartz crystal heart

walking along the path
beyond reason or defense
i'm just happy

grey, green and yellow
age old lichen carpet
softening the rock

not afraid to leave
my footprint -
corn snow in january

the trail less travelled
my haiku

where i ought not
through mountain mahogany

stoppin' the tweets
comin' from cairo
engulfed in 'ku

loosening my guilt
with every step
sinking into the trail

sinking in
afternoon beauty

out of place..

if i slow down
will i stop thinking in metaphor
and just see mud and snow?

half way to spring
calmly and quietly

rounding out dino-show
in community house

been walking two days
to the woods and thru china
boy puffs at trailhead

celestial weeds
interrupted by
red plastic thing

errant haiku
must be reined in

love beyond reason
four-legged annie oakley
my new family

patch of grey snow
napping in a hollow
surrounded by sun-colored wheat

the sun comes out
revealing the bizarre shadows
stretched out across the field

solo/group kukai
jonathan machen