welcome to the haikutimes

Issue #111, Chautauqua open space, Boulder, Colorado, April 24, 2005. Haiku poets Krista Morien, Sanjay Rajan, Patrick Lynn, Robert Power, Jonathan Machen and David Harper comb the Chautauqua open space for glimpses of haiku amongst the joggers and dogs. Photos and layout by Jonathan.

each day
flowing out and out and one day
a great emptiness

mist lifts
or perhaps falling
peaks unmoved

to move here
peaks now wishin well

did doggie dung?
owner's bark and plastic bag
doggy dung did

roving eagles
over flatirons
good luck sign

how restful
the demands of haiku focus
unlike the agreements with time

snake beautiful
takes no shit
keeps it's hissin'

poodle labrador
fetch-looble retrievador
go-good boy

even what is old
can be seen with fresh vision
under muted skies

haiku walk
with old friends
there are no lasts

chautauqua open space
small child falls on rock
father just smiles

the birds chattering
and the stream gurgling
are welcome sounds

how humans use more effort
to conserve their energy

the crow for which this
landscape has been waiting
arrives noisily

seeing the mist
around the mountains keeps me
closer to earth

fog-capped jogger
focused dominator of the path
lined by sweet yellow

same peaks
7 years later
time to move on

a path through the woods
just a willful incursion
of human intent

my eyes are tired
they blur the edges of things
i wish my ears would tire

not for another year
will i see the open smile
of blossoms in spring

intricate web
emerging leaves
reveals layers of caterpillars

baby caterpillars
awakening slowly
gently pulsing circle

gradually encroaching
in a field of chokecherry
tent caterpillars

running my fingers
over caterpillar gauze
softer and softer

undulating spines
up and down through silky layers
caterpillar tent

why not passport
for citizen
of earth?

i look up startled
its a runner snorting
like a moose

a squirrel floats in
the cool grey sky
shredding blossoms

thank you, spring clouds, for pressing
the sweet smell of blossoms
closer to my nose

the flicker flicked
fast-flasting flicker from
a telephone pole

natural space
just outside of city space
good for mental space

among small things
haiku walkers find

salt-and-pepper walk
new grass poking through the old
hillside springs to life

reclined on a mixture
of the dead and the young
noisy and fragrant

new seek
of home grounds
nomad moves

like a prospector
stalking ever-vibrant life
in an hour or less

they feel calming today
the elements of nature
people feel harsh

imagine crawling
up to a leaf as big as a bed
eating it for lunch

haiku more focused
haiku walk, more aggressive

little round iron
view threatened by insistent spring
blades of green

olfactory blast
no need for herbal tincture
i stand in blossoms

the hillside covered
with low shrubs in full blossom
tears not far away

spring flowers triumph
yet people gaze at the bricks
reading memorials

CU brick building
no match for yellow tulips
surrounding building

some trees still barren
others festooned in blossoms
insects celebrate

after petals drop
branches will be draped in green
apples might appear

petals unfolding
like an auto emerging
from garage door

lone skateboarder
inbetween auto traffic
and blossom frenzy

longingly staring
from window of art building
...the tulips outside

chemistry building
no match for yellow tulips
in passing glory

solo/group kukai
jonathan machen