welcome to the haikutimes

Issue #125, Anne U. White Trail, Boulder, Colorado, April 15, 2006. Haiku writers Patrick Lynn, David Harper, Krista Morien, Robert Power and Jonathan Machen make their annual spring-time pilgrimage to the Anne U. White trail, close to home, to write and share haiku.

springtime hike
not sure what to make of this
jumble of life and death

a streak of bright orange
zig-zags through the forest
patrick chasing haikus?

steep canyon said stay
here along the stream bed -
i climbed up

thinking of global warming
in dappled sunlight

each day i carry
my parasite here and there
its wandering world

looking down upon treetops
inspired delusions of grandeur
until i looked up

late afternoon ku
thoughts unsettled
like the wind

pasque flower
cautiously emerging
on dry spring hillside

some haiku friends
search for spring flowers. i find
potential campsites

after the wind
the gurgle of the stream
there all along

resting with closed eyes
i feel shadows
cross my chest

what is a peanut shell
doing out here in
the middle of the woods?

wind talk
and bouncing pine branches
i find this soothing

a black squirrel
dashes by, ears pointed up
like tuning forks

unknowingly i
took the deer trail up above
and that made all the difference

walking along the deer trail
reminds me that the deer
are not that tall

one step - road to trail
immediate calming of
this raging mind

Fibonacci series
edging out haiku
thinking in spirals

writing down
making permanent
not elusive, my deepest thoughts

totally earthy
and totally ethereal
carpet of spring beauties

a sparrow sang in time
to the march of a cloud's
transcendence to blue

four crows circle above
a warning? a welcoming?
i'm curious

spring is early
i am late
friends wait (again)

after nine haiku
the wind subsides and a raven
calls from above

newly in love
transported in a small sphere
through the forest

newly in love
walking through the forest
in ignorant bliss

like little yellow
clinging balls of styrofoam
stream-willow blossoms

tilted just enough
closer to the warmth

two pasque flowers
on a hillside of boulders
peek out at the sun

quicksilver droplets
low sun catches the bird's back
soaring over trees

once upon a time
i used to see only babes
now I see babies

one must open (or pee)
to find a spring flower
in this canyon

a hammock in the woods
detained me for awhile
to watch the sky

perched high on a rock
i wonder who might be
watching me

creek trickled slow
waiting for winter's melt
to cause a ripple

the day after
i wander our house
thinking of nothing

in the wilderness
blue lichen rocks soared
in the dying light

panhandler doesn't
notice the shiny dime
lying on the ground

shadows cut a tree
in two and a gust gave a branch
a little more day

the last rays of sun
illuminate all that is
precious to me

getting intimate
with the things of this earth
the setting spring sun

tiny spring beauties
remind me where i come from -
a place of pure joy

solo/group kukai
jonathan machen