welcome to the haikutimes

Issue #68, Folks Festival, Lyons, Colorado, August 17, 2003. Haiku and photographs by Jonathan.

the morning routine:
jockeying for position
for good tarp placement

plastic field of tarps
laid by music devotees
deflect morning rain

fresh watermelon
and pungent garlic ryebread
for free at the folks

singing about rain
the drops materialize
as if right on cue

steel blue storm cloud wedge
angling between foothills
and rocky mountains

in binoculars
able to discern giant vein
on singer's forehead

deep in his fourties
can't stand the narcissism
of the local gym

songwriters fidget
as they wait for diatribe
of old age to end

peppered with raindrops
we sit on plastic sheeting
absorbing lyrics

teenage girls screaming
injecting their river walk
with sense of drama

they give out small bells
but then announce from the stage
bells should not be rung

people of all shapes
but of course not skin color
at pricey event

unconscious habit
i lick three of my fingers
or so paige tells me

guy picking his nose
transforming precious moment
into mundane act

kids in inner tubes
hardly notice the singer
who hails from nashville

'heaven help us all'
vance gilbert admonishing
captive audience

black folk guitarist
says even coming on stage
is political

black folk guitarist
tells hilarious story
about yeast and maine

clouds lift, sun comes out
spectators bake in the heat
creek now refreshing

castles made of sand
invoked both by the singer
and children on the beach

linda with three beers
two for her an one for him
she walks with big smile

brit with a beret
sings about gethsemane
and the taliban

"color is the way of madness
that's no way to paint the lord"
"when i get to heaven
i want to know that I'm dead" ...richard thompson

now a lighter song
"my daddy is a mummy
in a pyramid"
close the door and shut the lid

like a bright sunset
richard plays under orange lights

we all want to hear
the amplified melodies
crystal clear strings

anthemic last song
everybody sings a verse
suddenly standing

indigo duo
sings acapella prayer
about peace for all

solo/group kukai
jonathan machen