welcome to the haikutimes

Issue #156, Boulder Valley Ranch Open Space, 10/17/10. Haiku by: Jonathan Machen, Patrick Lynn, Sara Benson, Krista Morien, Sanjay Rajan, David Harper.

this fleeting season
suspended across sunday
afternoon moments

by october
worn smooth and
gathering into silence

milkweed pods bursting
with fluffy white potential
wait patiently

bovine scent
rusty horse trailer
the west

each time
i ask myself
why not always pay this much attention

cottonwood islands
twisted figures on a
hueless plain

of leaves yellow..
mind is quiet

yucca seeds..
in it's pop
unseen mindfulness

staring a hole into
that old cottonwood tree
and time slows way down

tufts of hair
encase the barbs
feel-good scratch

dry weed crackle
rusty fence post mud
weeds, burrs
discarded jeans and gunshots

as they die
cottonwood leaves become
audible and richly colored

a mass of grey feathers
floating on autumn grasses
body long gone

each precious moment
passes - whether i am
here for it or not

my internal clock
if i had one
would now be running slow

seeds weigh down the stalks
this year's feast or
next year's pasture

preserving the precious
hues of summer
cottonwood shroud

hard human voices
bring me out of this world
of a thousand bird songs

i refuse
to haiku on
the fat prairie dog

leave it!
she says to her dog
referring to me

sensation of
small book slipping from my hand
unplanned nap-ku

the muted landscape
and the silence between gunshots
are deeply calming

by coprolites
and cactus

against dry hillside
barefoot walking

horse shit
in it's color..
"I see the light"

golden cottonwoods
drink the creekbed dry
fallen leaves

moab red
horse trailer - big enough
for a shetland pony

hay bale mountain
on the other side of a
gnawed-at fence

clouds streak down
rain smells
and cactus

anxious chirps
perked ears as a
coyote prances through

a field of cattails
avian playground
before the storm

of nature when i sit down
and be still

solo/group kukai
jonathan machen