welcome to the haikutimes

Issue #043, haiku: Eiseman hut, December 13-15, 2002. Haiu: Jonathan Machen, David Teitler, Eric Vanzura. Photographs and drawings, layout, production: Jonathan

wood stove melts snow
ski boots clomp the floor
sun makes long shadows

newly fallen snow
and yet vail ski area
noisily makes more

instant companions
revealed in the new faces
we meet at the hut

for all the glory
of the deep powder and turns
we must still ascend

jet flies above
snow falls below
we ski inbetween

jagged peaks confer
in sloping soliloquies
ridgetop to ridgetop

eric, dave and jon
floss without inhibition
as old friends might do

sharing anecdotes
from their medical careers
they ski up the trail

snow crystals
shining like stars
in broad daylight

cornish game hens
simmering in the oven
dave paces around

carving powder turns
uttering the snow-seal
whoop of excitement

instead of nailing
the ultimate photograph
dave crashes and burns

chaotic outlines
repeat their forms
i think i'll ski now

elizabeth and shawn
drift into my consciousness
in between ski runs

fear, worry, disdain:
syllables not applicable
skiing at eisemann

jon, will you draw me?
as if i were part of nature
i'll stand sentinel

at this altitude
all the jim beam they brought up
will go to their heads

is a hut escape
from culture or immersion
in all our vices?

i have to pee
but the outhouse is frosty
and my bag is warm

solo/group kukai
jonathan machen