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Issue #22 U.S.A. vs. Mexico soccer game, Denver, Colorado, April 4, 2002. Haiku and photographs: Jonathan Machen

i have to confess
i rooted for the wrong team
for the whole first half

yellow card caution
awarded to the player
who got too roudy

not sitting so well
that coors beer in my stomach
cold april evening

a red-card ejection
issued to team USA
for being too rough

faint odor of beer
wafts over the stadium
we stream towards the source

better than foos-ball:
twenty-two soccer players
in a stadium

the rest of the game
is determined by one kick
and it's random path

forty-thousand fans
responding in unison
to that last mistake

i join the chorus
of horns and adrenalin
at the soccer game

the trajectory
of his well-intentioned kick
sails over the goal

solo/group kukai
jonathan machen