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Issue #202, Epic Road Trip, June 24, 2018: Carolina Beach State Park, South Carolina

June 24 2018 Somewhere nearby, a small dog is barking, and someone’s generator is on. It’s morning here at Carolina Beach State Park; a cooler morning, though last night still felt like trying to sleep in an oven; at one point the insects were loudly invading my thoughts and every pore of my mostly naked body was exuding sweat, so sleep seemed impossible.

I even had weird dreams including one involving Art and Claire, who had bought a Cricket but were hauling it on a massive rig, and one about Jerry Garcia, who had been hanging out with us for over a week, who had just completed a new composition, but seemed disinterested when I played it back to him.

I just helped Orion patch one of his bicycle tires. The kids both slept better last night, Phoenix on the floor of the Cricket, saying he even needed a blanket. Orion took some time yesterday to read the manual of the cooler a little more closely; it turns out there are some settings that you can adjust which determine when it will shut off, if the power in the batteries drop too low; so the cooler is still on this morning, and they had fans and lights on last night.

We spent the day yesterday hanging out at the beach. It was incredibly hot there, too; we fortunately found a spot to park; after driving around in circles for one round; and then when we got to the beach, made a bee-line for the shade of a long pier that stretched out into the ocean, and found a spot to huddle out of the sun’s rays with a number of other families, who kept having to inch up towards the top of the beach because of the rising tide. The kids stayed in the water for hours, coming back only for a snack, gratefully procured by Paige; that being apples, yoghurt and chips; then they would head out there again, swimming through the swells of the waves. I went out several times to hang out with them and to cool off, but was decidedly more cautious, an attitude Orion noticed, a contrast to his more ready immersion and acceptance of the salty ocean water; which, I noticed, was a positive change from when he was swimming at Manatee Springs.

Meanwhile, the families kept shifting underneath the pier; a mother of scottish ancestry sat next to us with her kids; and we talked about what it was like to have young kids who lose things all the time (they had just lost sandals); and there was another mixed-race couple, a hispanic guy with a white woman who had two pit-bulls.

We ended the afternoon by getting ice-cream at the side of a gas station and ate our yummy frozen concoctions while watching people fill their car tires up.

kids playing in surf
taking break from the hot campground:
Carolina Beach

mexican family
throws cheetos to the birds
in shadow of pier

so ubiquitous
plastic bags in every store
there is no crisis

muscle guy runs past
sun-seeking beach side loungers
with extra vigor

mischievous sister
pours water down sibling’s crack
beach idyl thwarted

redhead with black suit
walks the beach with sunburnt legs
unaware of plight

solo/group kukai
jonathan machen