welcome to the haikutimes

Issue #82, Ski Tales, February 5-8, 2004, featuring haiku by Jonathan Machen, Tom Hopson, and Susan Peterson.

Spray from car tires
Same color as road and sky
Lost in shades of gray

We stop in our tracks
Silencing the snow crunching
To hear the river

Under snow and ice
Water pulses and gurgles
Like blood of the earth

slowly setting in as kids
file into the church

snowy day - busker
plays for audience of one:
woman with headphones

couple holding bag
exiting fascinations
wonder what's in there?

prairie dogs barking
at dog riding in trailer
someone wants water

making him jump
from absent-minded daydream
sidewalk recumbent

two three-year olds
listening to the busker
with their chubby dad

sand in an hourglass
skiers lined up for powder
mary jane ski day

talkative single
white zinc on her nose
powder on her mind

pines bombarded by snow
pondering weighty matters
skiers with light hearts

young rad boardin' dudes
equipped with the latest gear
baggy fashion sense

an eight-minute ride
transport to nirvana
tango with the trees

last run of the day
will my legs turn to jelly
lungs explode?

soft, fluffy and deep
eight inches of deep powder
tom's ideal girlfriend

talking to herself
in her own conversation
paige skis down the trail

tension on the trail
skiers make way for skiers
vast woods, narrow path

pine needle: supple
water bottle tube: frozen
nature comes in first

solo/group kukai
jonathan machen