welcome to the haikutimes

Issue #11 October 27, 2001 Pump-ku at Munson's pumpkin patch, Boulder, Colorado, featuring: Patrick Lynn, Jonathan Machen, Sara Benson photos and layout: Jonathan Machen

how many people
have hidden in the corn maze
and taken a pee?

above the cornfield
willow with blackbirds for leaves
whirring and clucking

each one in its
varied shape and size
dignity of pumpkins

dark figure crouches
in the field of dead corn stalks
jonathan sketching

i can see longs peak
over a field of pumpkins
warm october day

taking time to feel
beauty of fall, pain of war
a haiku moment

hard to tell jonathan
from the scare crows watching over
the pumpkin patch

grandma in slippers
and a large orange-green pumpkin
covered with warts

lying in the road
furry body part

only carcasses of corn stalks
and old ears of corn
not for eating

having created
a field full of strange, orange objects
pumpkin vines wither

spandex - clad bikers
zip past the field littered with
fat dull pumpkins

can you believe it?
shes going for a hayride
in her wedding dress

delighting ourselves
with pumpkins, gourds and squashes
autumn abundance

late autumn weekend
SUVs head back to town
loaded with pumpkins

deflated pumpkin
lies flat in the field
hidden from shoppers

above the corn stalks
blue sky drops
into the curved mountain silhouette

teenage vampire
chases her labrador
through the pumpkin patch

solo/group kukai
jonathan machen