welcome to the haikutimes

Issue #152, Green Mountain Cemetery, Boulder, April 26, 2009. Haiku by: Patrick Lynn, Krista Morien, Susan Evans, David Harper, Sara Benson and Jonathan Machen. Photos by Jonathan

orderly headstones
belie the randomness
of death

a mourner's search
carved haphazard paths
in the slope above

a red-breasted robin
pokes the grave
in search of worms

mary mcnaught
did not die for naught
here she lies next to george

in the cemetery
we share our stories of death
and feel more alive

shy in our presence
woman slowly walks from her
car to the gravestone

even in death
communities of relatives
rest close to their kin

even death
dominating the earth
city of gravestones

plastic daisies
immune to death
and life

the cypress tree
neatly manicured
bespeaks loving remembrance

dandelion rebel
on a manicured lawn
dandelion wins

encased in a marble
and concrete bunker, forever
safe from the earth

the ego lives on
in row after row of gravestones
city of lost souls

2 years, 4 years
10 years, 90 years
portrayal of human struggle

not much happening here
just birds and sunshine

hawk dance
against a rain cloud
talon serenade

manicured wetness
of cemetery meeting
bushy grass hillside

fake flowers
and a framed television ad
adorning the couple's grave

among the plastic
indestructible blossoms
irises wither

if alma here rose from
her grave, she'd probably
think my ballpoint
was pretty nifty

life everlasting
in a stone mausoleum
this is the promise

new twilight lets her
curtain down and pins it
with a star - Ruth Ann Robbins

looking for big al
trying to remember
where I saw him last

at the cemetery
leftover easter bouquets
and the smell of weed killer

unopened beer
next to a gravestone with
plastic cars, soldiers

cemetery air
thick with fertilizer
my lungs gasping

plumes of fertilizer
waft from the entrance
to the cemetery

add to deathly vibe
at cemetery

basking in the sun
above the cemetery
a songbird warbles

rocks holding grief
are left behind by loved ones
resting on tombstones

granite slab
name and date etched
into forever

ten-minute pause
and i notice
the beetles' buzz

the unraveling
of significant stories
dark clouds billowing

beyond the graveyard
startled by a real flower
dying spring bloom

not able to sense
the concentration
of death karma below

equipped with everything
except for a mailbox
stone mausoleum

honeysuckle breeze
a bee waivers as
a branch sways

covered with a zillion fresh leaves

all lots, crypts or niches
shall be suspect to the
conditions, rules, and regulations herein

my kneecaps get so hot
i have to scratch them

a meadowlark's song
through the barbed-wire fence
and beyond

and this trail here
leads to what will always
be the mushroom trip hill

wild mountain lands
carefully fenced out
to keep the dead safe

coughing up phlegm
i wonder about
graveyard etiquette

our life is just a nanosecond
with stones left behind

solo/group kukai
jonathan machen