welcome to the haikutimes

Issue #17, Raggeds wilderness, ColoradoAugust, 2001. haiku: Jonathan and David Teitler. Drawings: Jonathan Machen.

passing a thicket
of obtrusive crickets
clinging to my leg

purple climbing skin
relic of a late spring ski
someone left behind

a sewing machine
on the surface of water
this water dipper

musky scent of elk
lingering after he bounds
away from my vision

creating a wake
of cricket exuberance
walking down the trail

massive belt buckle
looking like a license plate
hanging from his hips

startled when she asks
in the middle of the street
if we have a saw

rusted spool of wire
how long have you been stuck here
on this ancient log?

young aspens growing
must be an avalanche slope
not yet two years old

sulphuric algae
discovered when we notice
the creekside odor

anthracite ouzel
tired of leading us on
flies back to the falls

beaver migration
temporarily halted
by a waterfall

grateful for the sweat
that runs over my eyeballs
late august backpack

a classic schlock move
dave exits the tent four times
forgetting his shirt

she cautiously asks,
you sink it iss possible?,
edging past our car

solo/group kukai
jonathan machen