welcome to the haikutimes

Issue #99, Denver Botanic Gardens, August 30, 2004. Haiku contributors: Sara Benson, Jonathan Machen, Susan Peterson, Krista Morien.

my mind
one thousand bees
wrapped in cotton

wafts of perfume as
the lady with a purple
sari walks by me

the mind - afraid to
let go into the
simplicity around here

oh yeah, globe mallow
seen enough of that to last
ten backpack trips

overeager guide
replaces magic with facts
african sculpture show

waiting above
the smooth, calm water
for something to surface

creeping nailwort
not quite as tough
as the name implies

still missing mountains
drawn to rock alpine garden
in flora central

clumps of burnt red
berries dripping off delicate
green-leaved branches

baby's head thunking
on cobblestone concrete
while man takes photo

taking her cell
phone amidst the
opuntia englemanii

botanic gardens
has as many selections
as the superstores

century plant
waits twenty years to send spike
seeding once, then dies

agave paryi
fertilizing the cosmos
with singular spike

still missing mountains
drawn to rock alpine garden
in midst of city

little madras-checked
girl in a sun hat - roaring
at the stone lion

revisiting the site
of the butterfly-bending-grass haiku
or was it a grasshopper?

(swaying back and forth
blue dragonfly and the stem
on which it landed - 8.22.98, Botanic Gardens)

sometimes my neck feels
too long to hold up my head
in a healthy way

thoughts of ecuador
stumbling through the rain forest
man-made replica

such diversity
in this half mile of denver
finding my old friend
monarda, from my backyard

it's been a long time
since i've seen a
gazania krebsiana

all doubt sinks
into the black waters
of the lily pond

summer afternoon
waiting for the sunlight
to reach my feet

barely glancing
at the giant lily pads
she tosses them a coin

a cricket keeps beat
with the rhythm of my feet
while i walk slowly

thumbsized hummingbird
points out interesting clouds
with her delicate beak

black reflecting pool
so many water lilies
spectrum of color

now that i know
the latin name for this lily
i can really enjoy it

landing pads for joy
giant lily pads floating
in dark waters

solo/group kukai
jonathan machen