welcome to the haikutimes

Issue #148, Night-ku, Boulder, Colorado, October 14, 2008. Haiku: Patrick Lynn, Krista Morien, David Harper, Jonathan Machen.

leaving work at dusk
the sky clearly just finished
something incredible

thin trailer walls
just a minor membrane
from the wild outdoors

feuding neighbors
their reclining patio chairs
laughing and linking arms

from the backside
the heavily fortified house
opens to the creek

as if the moon
in it's fullness has pushed
wet weather aside

shadows stretched
to come with me
around the bend

quiet moonlight
falls on disarranged chairs and
scattered sake cups

after a hard day
in the rat race
people running on treadmills

streetlamp parade
takes the spook
out of a cold night

thankfully tonight
ive got extra traction from a
stone lodged in my sole

pink roses
under sodium glare
appear troubled

cottonwood fingers
naked fall branches

rocks and piles of mulch
and a path that leads nowhere
angel's garden

a cozy glow
invited me in
for sake

lizard brain sends me
under a stack of blankets
to get small and warm

meineke man
still cheerful after dark
perforated head

solo/group kukai
jonathan machen