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Issue #29, Bolder Boulder, May 27, 2002. Haiku and photographs by Jonathan.

each successive wave
moves up to the starting line
and waits for release

massing at the start,
the race contestants prepare
to pound the pavement

disabled man stares
at the thousands of runners
with sleepy hairdo

joggers fill the street
with wall-to-wall beating hearts
instead of engines

only at mile two
she is already in tears
weak with stomach cramps

metal band protest
spewing anti-race venom
with distorted screams

a spectator sport?
home-owners sit in lawn chairs
drinking iced lattes

she plays "the snow waltz"
low notes of encouragement
from her great tuba

the belly dancers
inspire the men to run
at a faster clip

african rhythm
mingles with heavy metal
to egg them all on

beautiful bodies
of every possible shape
sweating together

nine kilometers:
most people are slowing down
for the final push

faces hot and flushed
runners reach the finish line
at the stadium

this is a fine thing:
thousands of healthy people
running for ten K

where is frank shorter?
I looked for him in the crowd
but couldn't find him

Haiku and photographs: Jonathan Machen
Copyright 2002 HaikuTimes.com

solo/group kukai
jonathan machen