welcome to the haikutimes

Issue #58, China: Lijiang, April 16-17, 2003. haiku and photographs by jonathan with a few haiku by Barbara Lenssen.

4/15/03 Lijiang
another slow truck
covered by canvas patches
belches diesel smoke

flat-headed driver
honks before passing blue truck
we talk of culture

our group protesting
about dirty tablecloths
and undercooked eggs

to get to the loo
you must walk through the showroom
past pricey objects

sweeping wide to pass,
driver narrowly misses
three pigs in a truck

the only billboards -
hand-painted signs on houses
for phone companies

deconstructing homes
with only a sledgehammer,
they recycle bricks

as many signs
apprioximating english
as sacred temples

salesroom alert:
taken to drink mountain tea
i know what is next

a sweet aftertaste
on the heels of bitter tea
oolong and rosehips

drinking bitter tea
while lawnmower drones
and stomach churns

local naxi girl
washes the tea leaves three times
before serving us

unable to talk
to the most beautiful girl
i've seen in china

loading heavy stones
in flimsy wicker backbacks
naxi ladies stare

tribal naxi dance
staccato sounds, fluttery
high-pitched orchestra

old man paints
the letter of tears

midrange, drones, cymbals, kazoo sounds,
a headdress like the pope,
fluttery flutes, plucky

high pitched-orchestra
of cymbals, drones and violins
and peacock headdress

unwinding long scroll
headman twirls wooden sceptre
orchestra sings on

dying expression
seventy-year old men keep
the music alive

transforming herself
our naxi guide reappears
in her western clothes

canal etiquitte:
mornings for drinking
cleaning in the afternoon

camellia blooms
for over five hundred years!
ten thousand flowers

on baisha murals
anti-buddhist inscriptions
legacy of mao

diamond eyes removed
ox, devils, snake, spirits
mural under fire

dancing for tourists
positioned strategically
to capture our cash

small kitten content
on bag of canola seeds

stone walkway polished
and wrinkled like dragon skin

in ancient village
cherry and wisteria
over dragon spring

washing pink pork guts
in community canal
surprised to hear phone

old timers creeping
down village street, stopping
now and then to spit

dog in metal cave
snarls as five chinese tourists
poke a stick at him

cipro cottonmouth
after popping two large pills
wile stomach rumbles

lotus lanterns float
like starlight down the canal
under stone bridges

charming, obnoxious
shop owners from within
incessant 'hallo'

square-headed baby
carried by squat grandmother
gives me asian eye

Barbara Lenssen's haiku

airplane over moonrise
we wait on deserted streets
full moon, glowing globe

changing china, old
small, grey, black; young tall, cellphone
bright colors, tight jeans

old neighborhoods gone
prople move to high risers
relocation good?

naxi loves dali
lovers meet only to die
religion means death

wisteria blooms
chusters drooping lavendar
temples with frescoes

ancient frescoes gleam
buddha with diamond eyes gouged
ancient frescoes gleam

roots entwined lovers
camelia blooms defy death
couples take pictures

solo/group kukai
jonathan machen