welcome to the haikutimes

Issue #146, National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR), Boulder, Colorado, September 14, 2008, Haiku: Patrick Lynn, Krista Morien, Sara Benson, David Harper, and Jonathan Machen. Photos by Jonathan.

give way to the plains
ribbon of cottonwoods

today comforted by the
obscurity of a human walking
through this vast landscape

bubbling up from below
those things i appreciate
instead of haiku

fall chill
chapped knuckles and
warm pockets

shouting into the mist
voices boomerang back
breaking the silence

juniper grove
life-sized bansai
lean with the wind

noticing how
the deer are such terrible

fairly certain
a hawk just glided by my
nose and into the mist

sending her angry words
up into the mist
to settle and burn off

walking among the shrubs
unintentionally herding
sparrow onward

juniper trees
wrapped around the boulder's curves
supporting or pushing?

stony perch
and wistful september clouds
make for cold butt

even gayfeather
muted from last nights rain
and this morning's mist

autumn has begun,
with a few dabs of scarlet,
to paint over summer

lichen frenzy
neon green on
shades of gray

to say amber waves of grain
but here i go

tour bus motors off
the stillness and rain-washed beauty
gradually return

pinecone hillside -
looking for a ledge
with a view

collecting the rain
before it hits the ground
september grasses

grassy tops
bend under the weight
of their own fruit

expectorant juice
sticks to my
greedy fingers

thick juniper
brightened by a

sweet birds peeping
a little too delicately
for september

after the rain, high fog
and familiar contradictions of
clarity and obscurity

valley acoustics
filter up a bear bell
and muted conversation

the flowers sticky
love note soon covers my hands
and doesn't wash off

stereo mist
rising from the mountains
and NCAR steam room

solar collector
performing under par
on misty cool day

as the day warms up
the damp earth gradually
gives off memories

exhaling mist
the mountains patiently wait
for me to be still

absorbing the morning's beauty
not hung over
so much as laid open

solo/group kukai
jonathan machen