welcome to the haikutimes

Issue #158, Haiku and photographs for the Eating Recovery Center's New Partial Hospitalization Program Facility. Photographs by Jonathan Machen, haiku by members of the Boulder Haiku Group.

majestic mammals
alert to their surroundings
unmoved by judgment

moments of my life -
sunlit hilltops, shadowy canyons,
infinite mountains

storms pass frequently
in an immense landscape
peaceful reflection

exhaling mist
the mountains patiently wait
for me to be still

of nature when i sit down
quietly aware

wet and delicious
yet some would describe this day
as sad and soggy

indian paintbrush
reminding me of passion
paint the hillside red

the flower’s sticky
love note soon covers my hands
and doesn't wash off

hard human voices
bring me out of this world
of a thousand bird songs

hollow from dancing
breath gently moves in and out
holding to nothing

coyotes wake me--
laugh, play, be fully alive!
for yourself and this world

as the day warms up
the damp earth gradually
gives off memories

under this massive cloud,
resting in the moment
with these patient trees

walking along the path
beyond reason or defense
I am just happy

suddenly in awe
of what's been all around me
forest of deep repose

touching beauty
seems impossible to do
each one delicate

stop for a minute
delighting in life right now
blissful amazement

ahhh, to be a child
it is good to remember
sweet, simple joy

solo/group kukai
jonathan machen