welcome to the haikutimes

Issue #19 Mary Jane ski area, Colorado, February 11-12, 2002. Haiku: Jonathan Machen, Steve Mechels. Photos and layout: Jonathan Machen

to gracefully ski
demands one hundred percent
of your attention

one close encounter
with an anonymous tree
barely avoided

having but no choice
than to think of the next turn,
he fully commits

thirty-eight candles
we arranged for his birthday
on top of the cake

knees take a beating
quadriceps collapsing
its the skihill dance

sweating like a pig
tom and i ski the trees
the air is so cold

anchor steam tastes fine
driving home, jerry grooving
beautiful mountains

unexpected call
diverts his attention
from slope to cell phone

i am a needle
pulled by invisible thread
skiing through the trees

this mountain temple
are not the chairlifts blessed
and the slopes divine?

he lays a wager
that i was thinking of her
no, it was my hat

fewer resources
are needed to run the chair
than to drive up here

we make arrangements
to be in a place where there are
no arrangements

tom likes the moguls
and jonathan likes the trees
steve could do either

instead of thinking
i am forced to just adapt
to this huge mogul

it could be so good:
irrational rationale
avalanche terrain

solo/group kukai
jonathan machen