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Issue #46. February 1, 2003. Snow Sculpture Festival, Breckenridge, CO. HaikuTimes staff writer Jonathan Machen traveled to the 13th annual international snow sculpture festival in Breckenridge, Colorado, to document the rapidly evolving state of said exhibited sculptures.

94 hour photo, USA (New York)
Whirled white web, USA (Minnesota)
reve' olution, Canada (Quebec)
Water World, Netherlands
who spilt the beans, Canada (Ontario)
a fishing tail, USA (Breckenridge)

space shuttle explodes,
impending war in iraq:
life is no picnic

driving with saddam
i motor past rocky flats
my gauge on 'empty'

jeeps on frozen lake
tempt fate in february
spinning in circles

on snow sculpture day
the sun hastens the demise
of precious artwork

blocks of snow melting-
should have made the adjustment
for global warming

the ultimate test
of a priceless work of art
is if it can melt

popcorn aroma
circles fantastic castles
and bottles of beans

melting art-worth it?
traveling two hundred miles
for haiku-worth it?

steel blue and white fire
frozen flickers of hoar ice
flames melt in the sun

the best snow sculpture
was by a bunch of children
who turned fire to ice

frozen flames emerge
from an icy blue campfire
alchemical art

once in breckenridge
i stop thinking about war
for a few moments

not disappointed
that the the february sun
destroys some art

another guy limps
and reminds me of the way
i have been walking

a hokey ski town
hosting a hokey art show
how hokey is that?

no ice sculptures of saddam
and george bush fighting

yes, i used gas
to drive up to breckenridge
to document art

the gas that i used
to document art
is gone, like the art

solo/group kukai
jonathan machen