welcome to the haikutimes

Issue #143, Evening-ku at Mapleton Mobile Home Park, Boulder, June, 2008. Haiku by Krista Morien, Patrick Lynn, David Harper, Jonathan Machen, and Robert Power.

it didn't take long
for patrick to find his place
over the rushing creek

long summer day
winds down ranchero music
comes and goes with the breeze

perched atop mobile home
flimsy and flimsier

sitting 'silently'
mind chatter or bird chatter
either way, a racket

cottonwood giants
perfect shelter for
pink flamingos

on my back
in pipper's wheat field
my tiny, insignificant kite

eviction garden
celebrating spirit
with upturned gloves

blackbirds whirr into
the fading light, a scene
from my mother's childhood

dead magpie
on empty lot fifty-three
no wonder it's vacant

patio furniture
seats ten
for sunday lemonade

neighborly cheerful
and bright lights

smack the fat bumblebee
and regret it for the next
thirty-four years

like a mighty carp
blue bag in farmer's ditch

jarring jumble
of flowers springs from the gardener's
unsettled mind

cattails sway
under the weight of a
blackbird's song

goose creek traffic
ducks waddle and
spokes twirl

the stream has places to go
as willows
reach for a drink

fields of dill
and cucumber towers
promise lots of pickles

white picket fence
overturned chairs
and used tires

the swallows crooked flight
purposeful in its

battles for survival
now over, residents plant
flowers and trees

mexican love songs
simple strums and soft horns
speak of loss

quiet pervades
where bulldozers once crawled
tearing up asphalt

scent of honeysuckle
is all i can smell drifting
from the troubled garden

flea market yard
may be time for a
double wide

somewhat overwhelmed
by all the people and plants
every one alive

love is unopposed
this behavior means nothing
your love awaits you

solo/group kukai
jonathan machen