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Issue #151, North Boulder Open space following the January 2009 fire, January 11, 2009. Haiku by Patrick Lynn, Krista Morien, Robert Power, Sara Benson, Susan Coppage Evans, Jonathan Machen, and Gene Langlois.

Dave Rosenberg, a Boulder haiku poet/web designer, contributes six haiga at the end of this issue.

fire danger sign
reads only moderate
charred hills in background

stalwart cactus
among blackened grass sits next
to half-eaten pretzel

memories are like
old leaves dancing in the wind
let them come to rest

a burned hillside -
temporary tourist site
for local people

mid-winter afternoon
feeling blessed when the sun comes out
abandoned when it leaves

pine trees rose above
it all, still breathing green
among charred plants

she steps to the side
to get her shadow out of
a patch of prickly pear

mule deer now peaceful
surveying charred hillside
munching roasted roots

walk for a while
stymied - no thought. so no writing
krista wrote them all

nature sits calmly
amid the ashes while people
scurry taking photos

almost like walking
through the stubble
of a newly shaved head

it's such a short walk
around the lake of one's life
very few jump in

hardy yucca
tinged black by forest fire
continues on with life

haiku poet
seeking clues of meaning
on ash-blackened hill

empty new home
stares naively through big windows
at the forest fire

sign says open house
i walk in, use the bathroom
look around, and leave

apparent standoff
between solemn subdivision
and hillside of ash

fancy row houses
bought with lots of dollars
for upscale living

a dozen sparrows flash by
weaving in and around the wind
against which I'm braced

a rebirth of sorts
recovering from strep
amongst the ashes

walk, smell..cars go by
i prefer 'charred' to exhaust
smells more natural

hollow from dancing
breath gently moves in and out
holding to nothing

at the dog park
he humps everything with four legs
mountain-dog winter

held up in the light
by hundreds perhaps thousands
of bits of grey gravel

ten feet away
jonathan takes a desperate pee
oblivious of me

the best part of a
cold, windy day is eating
blueberry cornbread with friends

****** The following Haiga are by Dave Rosenberg - we thank him for his contribution to this issue!

solo/group kukai
jonathan machen