welcome to the haikutimes

Issue #2 Denver International Airport, Colorado. Spring 2000 Haiku: Susan Peterson, Sara Benson, Hal Gimpleson, Sanjay Rajan, Patrick Lynn, Jonathan Machen. Photo and drawings by Jonathan.

plane load of tourists
hugging flourescent ski bags
walk through the airport

while his father frowns
little boy surges ahead
thinking of the plane

lady in saree
solicits travelers with
spiritual solace

one thing is certain:
this boy in striped overalls
likes lots of ketchup

here at the airport
everyone has a purpose
for a moment-i dont

favorite pants and shirt
pressed into overstuffed bags
-balance on shoulders

i thought i heard a
bird chirp inside the walls of
the denver airport

i drop my pastry
on the ground where people walk
above concourse A

a thousand faces
reflect a thousand stories
of a thousand flights

big bolts and levers
hold white tarpaulin in grace
over marbelled floors

i feel like an ant
crawling around in a tent
looking for haiku

beautiful burgundy
woman moves close to see
the words on the sign

three women with
british accents must have gone
to catch their airplane

ski tourists gather
around the car rental desk
like colorful ants

buldging suitcases
circulate at baggage claim
weary travelers wait

the blast of the voice
over the PA system
while reading haiku

some people look at
me as though they are on to
what i am doing

interfaith chapel
empty with big, comfy chairs
-no time for prayers

airport fast food court
travelers rush through their meals
snapping plastic forks

against soft white light
the pink lounge chair screams

the people flood in
and then they quickly disperse
it's the airport pulse

standing in the flow
of people rushing, im a
rock in the river

winter travelers
reflected in the marble floors
the constant murmur

child strapped to mama
stares up with bright blue eyes at
white peaks in plastic

solo/group kukai
jonathan machen