welcome to the haikutimes

Issue # 14, Tenth MountainHut, Colorado December 20 -22, 2001. Haiku and photographs: Jonathan Machen

this winter solstice
we venture into the realm
above timberline

the promise of snow
gleaned from the weather forecast
has yet to arrive

surrounded by snow
the storm finally reaches
thirteen thousand feet

standing in the snow
talking about the other
great places to ski

just a few inches
of ice is all that keeps me
from falling on through

the lingering storm
suspends the snowy hillside
in diffuse sunlight

blue of the morning
replaced by blowing grey snow
of the afternoon

the wax on my skis
just the right consistency
for this fresh new snow

glad to be out on
the shortest day of the year
with my ski buddies

an uncertain sky
bathes us one moment in sun -
the next in shadow

five sweaty skiers
reach the top of homestake peak
then hurry on back

happy malamute
adopts us at the trailhead
for a day of fun

uttering a woof
he implores us to go on -
or, at least, keep up

outside, it is cold
and the snow blows - but inside
we read and drink tea

holed up in the hut
glad to be down from the peak
watching the snowfall

solo/group kukai
jonathan machen