welcome to the haikutimes

Issue #49. February 16, 2003. Settler's Park, Boulder, CO. Haiku Times celebrates the haiku experience. Haiku: Patrick Lynn, Krista Morien, Robert Power, Sanjay Rajan, Jonathan Machen, Sara Benson. Photographs and drawings: Jonathan Machen.

chanting 'om'
over the city sounds
hoping for some peace

brought back gradually
by rock and bark textures
the sound of water

rallies and threats of war
two birds sail between trees
beaming irridescent blue

lost in the woods now
thankful for the diversion
from thoughts and purpose

simple awareness
replacing the need to write
the perfect haiku

on this grey day
that could be one of my last
sun peeking through clouds

water shapes wander
under thin sheets of ice
covering the rock

snow on ice
in water running over rocks
imbedded in mud

reminded by this tree
of something alan watts said
about no wrong clouds

stripping away my shoes
i soak in the energy
of these weathered rocks

a woman's headband
brings back from my dream last night
a man with one eye
bright blue, moist, and beautiful
behind a dark leather mask

spring thaw
not so complete
ski trails in the park

sleepiness of the day
mixed with cheerful chatter
with nick and angela

creature in the rocks
gingerly makes her way down
to more solid ground

oh for the days when
i crawled around my neighborhood
spying through a pink plastic
tampon applicator

crossing paths
my shoe imprints
deeper than his paws

bundle of colors
against the rocky ledge
haiku poet meditates

days fuse together
february sun surrounds
sirens, barking dogs

silver lake ditch
holding a lot of silver
this season's snow

above and below
the constant rush of traffic
clear voices of birds

snow and mud slip, slide
and i join in the muddled
mess, beneath the sun

hard to write haiku
when frank zappa melodies
jangle in my brain

fresh moist fragrant smells
still linger on dormant plants
beneath the grey sky

my footprints
replace so many others
marks on melting snow

the sky suggests snow
and the pine mist scents my lips
reminding of tossed lingerie
and a moist sunrise

fuzzy mind, fuzzy heart
not sure where i belong
amidst car noise and red rock

i take the right path
crossing low on the hillside
dogs bark and birds sing

not as steady
as i have once been-
rock climbing in the park

the trees' deep wrinkles
make it seem even more still
by this empty stream

red rocks
weathered with time
still very majestic

the only things alive
in this muted winter landscape
chartruse lichen and me

drawing attention
to myself again wishing i were
invisible again

an elf in the rock
surreptitiously drawing
the red scenery

winter afternoon
finding it hard to picture
what spring will look like

how does nature do it?
ever growing and changing
while staying the same

waiting the quiet
in spite of the roar of cars
it settles within

agave green garden
guards the ground from crabby magpies
while the snow melts

bagel and hummus
i am full of it
time to take a dump

solo/group kukai
jonathan machen