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Issue #44 Los Alamos, New Mexico and Cumbres Pass, New Mexico. haiku: Jonathan Machen, Nick Brown, Martha Flannery, Yadi Flannery, Bear Sahlfeld photographs, drawings and layout:Jonathan Machen

hugging her presents
she exhibits six-year old
holiday spirit

frozen santa waves
from in front of his well-lit
suburban chalet

holding her breath
she watches grandma open
her hand-painted gift

instead of skiing
i spend an hour digging
for my submerged pole

family rendezvous
half-way down the red dot trail
past the petyroglyphs

as we leave the film
bag lady claims the foyer
hoping to stay warm

sanwiched between
two pickups with snowmobiles
i head for the pass

unsuitable talk
about the donner party
out here in the woods

cracking morning fire
takes me into a long trance
after seeing red sunrise

dark, cold nighttime hut
nicholas speaking in tongues
firelight blazes for moments

it will change the mood
if i read this haiku
while you are talking

diamonds in the snow
disappear when i reach for them
there when i go past

candles burn slowly
melting wax on lincoln's head
near avodado

sign says falling rocks
but i hope for shooting stars
in the sky above

it was five below this morning
said the cop
as he wrote my fifty-seven dollar ticket

angry about world
go scream in deep forest
bring myself back home

no-one looks at me
are you not my good friend now?
turn bright headlamp off

totem, given in love
owl takes flight to underworld
sara fingering her memory

city's sulphur glow
from one-hundred miles away
like a false orange dawn

solo/group kukai
jonathan machen