welcome to the haikutimes

Issue #63, Bolder Boulder 10k road race, May 26, 2003, Boulder, Colorado. Haiku and photographs by Jonathan.

sound of reveille
with each wave as it passes
at the starting gate

man declares me
pinnacle of decency
riding through his lawn

lining up at loo
unleashing mornings coffee
before the race begins

flustered residents
set a moat of sprinklers
around their green lawn

as if rock music
will encourage the runners
to find inner strength

at the one mile mark
some folks already walking
sweat on furrowed brow

this band plays skynyrd
that pair does monologue
by john belushi

paying no notice
to elvis or the red lights
the runners sweat on

past gatorade stop
street now littered with yellow
crushed wax paper cups

belly dancer moves
in erotic counterpoint
to runners' rhythm

looking with envy
at comfortable recumbent seat
as i pedal by

tap dancing review
inspired to click their heels
near silent runners

sleepy homeowners
peer out at tide of t-shirts
swarming past front door

bedoun ballet
inspires with flash and flesh
pouty abdomens

metal mania
screaming, 'get to the finish'
filling plastic tub

at the halfway house
they play 'running on empty'
over and over

season of poppies
runners pass as petals fall
dislodged by footsteps

collective madness
i'll bet china has no race
as goofy as this

staccato steel drum
mingles with christian message
at the pine street church

christian band singing
about waves of mercy in front
of waves of runners

most people walking
except for when inspired
by reckless dj

spectacle of knees
and feet pounding the pavement
onlookers drink beer

guy mowing his lawn
while fourty-eight thousand people
run past his back yard

from his side yard porch
guy screaming, 'no excuses!'
to those now walking

running just to run
or because everybody
else is running too?

limping alongside
elderly man stares blankly
at running barrage

solo/group kukai
jonathan machen