welcome to the haikutimes

Issue #20 Tenth Mountain Hut, Colorado, February 21-23, 2002. Haiku, photos and drawing: Jonathan Machen

a beautiful run
until he meets the depth hoar
and falls head first

under the surface
treacherous ski-eating rocks
and yet we ski on

deep indigo blue
contrasts to the white stillness
of these snowy peaks

peter threw the cards
and everyone got screwed:
end of card game

cant get away from
raucous laughter of the hut
far too cold outside

flat, monochrome sky
two dimensional mountains
yesterdays tracks gone

troubled teenagers
and a weary counsellor
emerge from the woods

late february
the new snowfall is heavy
and the sun is warm

several months later
i arrive at the same hut
without a head cold

at the end of the day
skinless and vulnerable
ready for a run

february snow
covering the old meadow
in a pristine white

waking up at five
black night envelops the day
then my alarm rings

service station deer
weary after years of fumes
leadville gas station

i notice the moon
when a military jet
flies overhead

this is my culture:
high altitude exercise
a few precious turns

solo/group kukai
jonathan machen