welcome to the haikutimes

Issue #12 November 3, 2001 Shanahan Ridge, Boulder, Colorado featuring: Patrick Lynn, Jonathan Machen, Sara Benson, Sanjay Rajan, Krista Morien. photos and layout: Jonathan Machen

on the rock,
different place
same old feeling

a lone white butterfly
seems to fit in among
the bleached winter grasses

ponderosa pine
burned into a totem pole
with wild, flailing arms

mysterious blue
among the pine trees
perhaps just the sun

defiant squirrel
hangs upside down and chatters
at my restless pen

warmpth of summer
but in the pine forest
stillness of winter

no earthly eye could
see the cactus spike thats
poking into my thumb

warm november sun
and colder wind--both find me
sitting on this rock

its always a time
of deep rest, knowing my friends
are waiting for me

warm november day
within green pine needles
a flash of blue

pine needles
crushing under my feet
like this mornings corn flakes

startled by the blue
flicker of a noisy jay
i lose all my thoughts

under the low sun
the trees in the forest dissolve
in shadow and light

as they fly over me
i am hoping that they
dont poop on me

nest of flattened grass
inside, i still feel the warmpth
of the does belly

i should probably
stay on the trail but i want
to hear the crunch of the grass

her shadow
the only sound the hawk makes
passing overhead

distant harley
roaring across the valley
my mind very quiet

solo/group kukai
jonathan machen