welcome to the haikutimes

Issue #155, La Garita Wilderness, San Juan Mountains, Colorado. Haiku by Jonathan Machen, David Teitler and Michael Contil Photographs by Jonathan.


from the 40-somethings
heading to base camp

pungent smells
of dung and dust
still air, july day

at ten thousand feet
saw a moose
and an old rancher's hut

moose in beaver ponds
runs when hears
dave exclaiming "MOOSE"!

yellow galaxies
of potentilla blossoms
light as evening falls

delving deep into
parental psychology
continental divide

completely broken
over directions

timber bucks
darting over horizon
full rack, alert

at some point
towards the end of the day
it all boils down to
one foot after the other
despite the vistas
despite the company
despite god all around

mighty giants
moose highway
in old growth forest

met thompson and thompson
on the trail
didn't know where they were headed
durango, possibly

hot ecosystem
purple thistle thrives
ravine to summit

the names of flowers

at the summit
insects feasting
on my legs

wispy rain clouds
portend only a hint
of precipitation

monarch butterfly
not afraid of heights

the musty scent
of mistletoe
following game trail

through the forest -
the elk's nose

eyes to the ridge line
alert to a possible threat
hoofs to dirt, a bugle to be heard

giant eye looming
inquisitive lens
'how do i look?'

triangular weaves
encircling seeps
whispering willow

imperfectly clung
twixt aspen and willow
web outlives it's creator

solo/group kukai
jonathan machen