welcome to the haikutimes

Issue #142, Ute Trail and Range View Trail, Flagstaff Mountain, Boulder. April 13, 2008. Haiku poets: Patrick Lynn, Sanjay Rajan, Krista Morien, Sara Benson, David Harper, and Jonathan Machen. Photos by Jonathan.

lapsing into the timelessness
oops! - colliding with time
haiku moment scattering

bright green piece of gum
shoots out of my mouth and lands
on brown pine needles

sunglasses optional
but not advised if you want to
really see the spring green

kroo kroo kroo kroo kroo
doesn't sound like much of
a mating call to me

dog silent
and snow melts.
spring is here.

in a blade of sun
a bed of pine needles
comforts a tired body

lichen and fungus
always amongus
especially on my tongus

chipmunk habitat
they scamper easily
while children complain

ice turned to stream
and the moss flashed
a green smile

after a long sleep
green shoots tickle
and massage dry grass

orange heads
full of slobber
and warm hearts

the big hurry.
bigger tonight
among these pines

blue sky
and sweet pine.
spring sensory overload

raw excitement
for whipper snapper
knowing such thing as trail

a few grasshoppers
lazily testing their wings
in the bright spring meadow

patch of hidden snow
lying, as if it were winter,
on springs ground

delicate pink petals
unfold themselves skyward
and feast on the sun

chirp and pursuit
hot bird sex

black smear
of ash and ink.
sun dazzles.

glorious morning
of quiet and chacos
no big hurry

tenuous spring shoots
briefly squished beneath
a 168 pound Birkenstock sandal

butterfly dance
into the blue
jagged and aimless

red bull rush
better than pine nuts
says squirrel

crunch of
their soft paws
- spring snow.

knick-knick cascading
down granite rocks

tender thing
and smell of fish.
jazzy's poo.

voluptuous male sex organs
delicately dangling
from tree branches

closing my eyes
flooded with an abundance
of sweet bird song

white ridge line
framed by endless blue
and verdant green

gray spreads
with each passing day.
his face and mine.

bleached vertebrae
worm-eaten wood
wings pass overhead

my trudging uphill
surely a spectacle
for some furry resident

search for a pasque flower
led me off trail
into a pinecone patch

in your haste, you might not
even see them - delicate,
quiet spring beauties

bird song, flapping wings
and wind surround my stillness
good to stop walking

rings of green
each of my fingers.
and wedding ring

spring meanders
from tree to tree
hiss and haunt.

the path
soft with snowmelt
receives my feet gently

first butterfly
glides cooly through the forest
as if it were no big deal

wishing Eckhart Tolle
and Oprah were here with us
on haiku walk

small furry paw
pushing through pine needles
pasque flower emerging

stroking the silky
fur of the pasque flower's stem
finally, it is spring

maybe it was here
where they first kissed, two pasque flowers
leaning into the sun

oak leaf rustle
even in early spring
still tough to let go

without eyes to see
the forest transcends
order and disorder

sideways sapling
bares the weight of winter
into spring

doggie angels
smile at me
wiggles in the snow

mating occurs in february
the pair bond dissolves in the fall
five months to go

i grow light and joyful
with the spring beauties
remembering myself

immense please
of things known
and unknown.

solo/group kukai
jonathan machen