welcome to the haikutimes

Issue #1 Denver Art Museum, Denver, Colorado, February 6, 1999. Haiku: Susan Peterson, Sara Benson, Hal Gimpleson, Patrick Lynn, Jonathan Machen, Sanjay Rajan. Photos and drawing by Jonathan.

broken tangerine
on the grey cement steps
en route to the fifth floor

murmur of voices
bouncing between the white walls
hung with bright colors

breaking all the rules
art in unusual form
plastic and glass

barely visible
boddhisattva of wisdom
takes but a moment

peaceful buddha face
carved in the first century
still smiles knowingly

oddly designed chairs
of every material
shaped only for eyes

the sky still looks blue
and the parking lot empty
tinted glass hides nothing

the shadows are the art
the shapes of the objects are
not as important

the best work of art
is patrick in his red pants
wandering around

queen elizabeth
stares out from a gilded frame
against a blue wall

terminal breakdown
is nothing more than a mess
of random blue lines

delicate porcelain-
petals never fading
even shadows white

surrounded by icons
once used in ceremony
the smell of incense

stare at reflection
concave on the flush handle
while i take a pee

the teaching buddha
sits so still in the carved stone
soles up and palms out

plexiglass protects
compassionate buddha
my heart, more exposed

dim blue light comes
into focus as my eyes
adjust to the dark room

in this crazy wind
some lingering sandalwood
meets up with my nose

up and down i ride
exhibit to exhibit
haiku moment somewhere

streaks of color bleed
red, yellow and pastel green
even paintings cry

beyond this window
the pigeons land in silence
white mountains behind

beyond this buddha
the busy streets of denver
hazy winter day

at the art museum
the cold, quiet stairwell is
filled with winter light

massive blocks of steel
rest in a state of precise

plastic case clearly
providing no protection
this beings been touched

solo/group kukai
jonathan machen